Emergency and More

The purpose of this blog is in gather information on emergency preparedness for all situations from natural disasters to supply chain problems to just getting home late from work and having food in pantry.
Being prepared can save you and your family’s lives. Here you will find anything connected to Emergency Preparedness. There will be affiliate links to products in this field and you can check the disclosure on this at the top right of the page. Posts will be short and to the point because we don’t all have the time to read long detailed posts. More and more people are beginning to slowly build their pantry up or even have a storage room to provide for their family if there is another lock down or worse. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do as little as just a couple extra things each time to shop. Or you can go all in and get food and survival kits supplying you with months of food. The point is to just start. I’m hoping this site will help with some suggestions of where to start.

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