Power Outages During an Emergency

Power Outages During an Emergency may occur at any time for many different causes.          

Some possible causes of a Power Outage include:

  1. 1. Severe weather conditions such as lightning, strong winds, heavy snow, or ice storms. 
    2.  Equipment failure or malfunction within the power grid or at a local substation
    3.  Accidents, such as vehicle collisions with utility poles or other infrastructure
    4.  Overloading of the power grid due to high demand or equipment stress
    5.  Acts of vandalism or sabotage or terrorism.
    6.  Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes or wildfires.

Here's a list of things to start your Power Outages During an Emergency Kit.  You can add to it as you come up with other items. Keep a power outage bag where you can easily find it in the dark. Don't forget to bring your outside solar lights in at night for more lights.

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