I list water first being one of the most important for sustaining life. It is recommended to have 1 gallon per person per day stored. This is for drinking and sanitation Don’t forget to store some for you pets too.

Store bought water is something that you can buy a little at a time to build up your storage.

DIY Cleaning and Sanitizing a Water Storage Container

For your own DIY water jugs the CDC says to store a bottle of liquid household chlorine bleach to be used when you need it. It should contains between 5% and 9% of sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting your water. If the water becomes cloudy, murky, colored, or very cold, you need to double the amount of bleach .
Check the CDC for more detailed instructions.

Water Storage

There a number of different types of water storage containers you can use. There seems to be one for just about whatever your goal is. Here are a few example that I found that had high ratings.

BPA Free 5 Gallon with
Plastic Cap Reusable Jug
4.3 start with 1981 ratings
1 Jug
Price $35.74
Water Storage Cube BPA Free
Collapsible Water Container with Spigot.
Collapsible for easy storage.
4.5 stars with 11,571 ratings
Pack of 4 Size 1.3 gals
Price $47.94
Water Storage 5 Gallon Water TankGallons) – 5 Each w/Lids, Spigot & Water Treatment – Food Grade, Handle for Carrying, Plus strong enough
to stack.
4.8 stars with 1,200 ratings
Pack of 6 Size 5 gals
Price $159.99

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